ISSN 2047-8747 (Print) ISSN 2047-8755 (Online) Volume 11 Special Issue 2022


Forthcoming / Published

New Books/Articles/Chapters/Research

The Euro Crisis,
Maurizio Mistri., Padova University Press, 2021,
ISBN: 9788869382284

Cyber Risk, Intellectual Property Theft and Cyberwarfare: Asia, Europe and the USA,
Ruth Taplin, Routledge, 2021.ISBN: 978-1-138-32058-1 (hbk) ISBN: 978-0-429-45319-9 (ebk)

Sustainability A Way Forward, Editor, Surender Mor, BPSMV, Bloomsbury, 2022 ISBN: 9789354359071

Digital Marketing Strategies for value co-creation: models and approaches for online brand communities, Wilson Ozuem and Michelle Willis, Palgrave MacMillan, 2021 ISBN:103030944433 ISBN-13: 978-3030944438

The Routledge Companion to Global Value Chains, edited by Renu Agarwal, Christopher Bajada, Roy Green and Katrina Skellern, Routledge 2021

Twilight of Democracy: The Seductive Lure of Authoritarianism, Anne Applebaum, Doubleday (Penguin Random House): New York, 2020, ISBN: 9780385545808

The Narrow Corridor: States, Societies, and the Fate of Liberty, Daron Acemoglu and James A. Robinson, Penguin Books, New York 2020 ISBN: 9781984879189

Models of Simon, Kumaraswarmy Vela Velupillai, Routledge,  August 2020, ISBN: 9780367593933

Radical Uncertainty - Decision Making Beyond the Numbers, John Kay and Mervyn King, W. W. Norton and Company, March 2020, ISBN: 978-0-393-35357-0

The Assault on American Excellence, Anthony Kronman, Free Press, New York, 2019, 272 pp,.
ISBN: 9781501199516

Leveraging Computer-Mediated Marketing Environments (Advances in Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, and E-services),Gordon Bowen, Wilson Ozeum (eds), Business Science Reference, 2018, ISBN-10: 1522573445, ISBN-13: 978-1522573449

New Structural Policy in an Open Market Economy, Justin Yifu Lin and Alojzy Nowak (eds) University of Warsaw Faculty of Management Press, Warsaw, Poland, 2018, ISBN 978-83-65402-91-2 ISBN (online) 978-83-65402-92-9 (softcover)

Sino-US Trade War: A New Challenge to Globalisation, Surender Singh, Vista International Publishing House, New Dehli, 2018 ISBN 9789383905195

Fascism: A Warning, Madeleine Albright with Bob Woodward, Harper Collins, New York, 2018, ISBN 978-0-06-280218-7

Natural Science Foundations of Macroeconomics: the global economy as a living system, Victor N. Bartenev, Editor: Ruth Taplin, University of Warsaw Faculty of Management Press, 2018, ISBN 978-83-65402-77-6

The Reception and Convergence of German Commercial and Corporate Law in Japan, Eiji Takahashi, Nomos Publishing, Germany, 2018, ISBN 978-8487-3725-3

Innovation, Investment and Intellectual Property in South Korea: Park to Park, Ruth Taplin, Routledge, 2018, ISBN Hardback: 978-1-138-22192-5; E-book: 978-1-315-40926-9
Chinese translation forthcoming 2022-23

New Structural Economics for Less Advanced Economies, Justin Yifu Lin, Alojzy Nowak (eds), University of Warsaw Faculty of Management Press 2017, Hardback ISBN 978-83-65402-50-9; Online ISBN 978-83-65402-51-6

Economic Development and the Role of Women: an interdisciplinary approach, Ruth Taplin, Re-published by Routledge as part of the Routledge Revivals series 2017. Originally published by Avebury/Gower 1989. ISBN 978-1-138-23079-8

Managing Cyber Risk in the Financial Sector - Lessons from Asia, Europe and the USA, Ruth Taplin (ed) Routledge New York and London 2016, ISBN 978-1-138-93546-4978-1

The Nature and State of Modern Economics, Tony Lawson, Routledge, London & New York, 2015, ISBN 978-1-138-85102-3

In Memoriam  
Prof. Clive Beed
Clive Beed a much respected contributor to IJEBL since its inception has passed away in his native Victoria, Australia.. He will be remembered for his independent mind, integrity, scholarship, and love of wildlife. He created a humane economics in his writings that involved a theological approach that was influenced by his Christianity. He is survived by his wife Cara who co-authored many of their books and articles.

Dr. Deidre Wicks 1949 -2020.
Dr. Deidre Wicks, late of the University of Newcastle, Australia, was an accomplished interdisciplinary researcher and activist on the issues that influence human tolerance of animal suffering in relation to meat-eating. She noted the role of altruism as a sense of self being part of greater humanity and hence a defining factor for those moved to stop cruelty to animals, as against being tied to the more specific interests of family, community or nation-state. Her astute analysis and powers of observation were threaded through all her achievements and writings which were always full of compassion. She is survived by her husband Prof. Roy Green of University of Technology Sydney and IJEBL and their sons Claude and Otto.
Geoffrey (‘Geoff’) Colin Harcourt: 27 June 1931 – 6 December 2021
Emeritus Professor Geoff Harcourt was an Australian patriot and a Cambridge economist as he described himself. He was an integral part of a golden age of economic theory at Cambridge including Piero Sraffa, Richard Goodwin and Joan Robinson to name a few. He was an advocate of post-Keynesian economics (PKE) and made a great contribution to the field. He wrote 17 books by the most reputable publishers, and 360 articles in excellent journals in addition to working with colleagues from around the world. Emeritus Professor Harcourt had many collaborations with colleagues in India and worked closely with Professor of Economics Krishna Bharadwaj of the Centre for Economics and Planning at Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi. He was so accomplished that it is best to refer to his many publications by him and about him. He was a humane economist and Emeritus Professor K. Vela Velupillai noted in his Obituary in 11/1 IJEBL of his lifelong mentor that he ‘ …was a scholar of impeccable integrity, unrivalled dedication, admirable courage, humane kindness and generosity – especially towards the underprivileged – and his work, both in the academic world and in the ‘practical’ world of the ‘here and now,’ was tempered by wholehearted commitment’.