ISSN 2047-8747 (Print) ISSN 2047-8755 (Online) Volume 11 Special Issue 2022

Interdisciplinary Journal of Economics and Business Law

Volume 11 Special Issue 2022

Guest Editors

Sibusiso Moyo, Durban University of Technology
Kunle Oparinde, Durban University of Technology
Vaneshree Govender, Durban University of Technology


Ethical leadership, governance and corporate social responsibility in South Africa
Emem Anwana
Can the mute still speak? Exploring the silence culture around gender-based violence in South Africa
pre- and post-Covid-19
Rhoda Titilopemi Inioluwa Abiolu
Poking Fun at the Sacred and the Unsayable: Memes of Robert Mugabe’s Leadership and politics in Zimbabwe
Rodwell Makombe
The simulation of big data to revolutionize the effectiveness of corporate policy
Ayogeboh Epizitone
Reflection on threshold concepts for developing computer programming skills of first-year information technology student
Thamotharan P. Govender, Oludayo O. Olugbara
Towards digital inclusion in South Africa: the role of public libraries and the way forward
Theophilus Adedayo Adedokun, Sylvia Phiwani Zulu
Attracting and retaining university students through effective marketing and public relations strategies
Lungelo Princess Funeka, Nereshnee Govender, Vaneshree Govender
Developing the Future – Advancing Research and Innovation through Research Capacity Development
in South Africa
Vaneshree Govender, Tennyson Mgutshini, Kunle Oparinde
Research management in higher education institutions: Uncharted challenges and solutions
Grace Temiloluwa Agbede, Bloodless Dzwairo
Epistemic Injustice: Barrier to Articulation Management between Higher Education Institutions
in South Africa
Darren Brendan Lortan, Savathrie Maistry
The roles of organisational and entrepreneurial orientations in the innovation performance of small
and medium sized enterprises
Gustave Mungeni Kankisingi
Drivers of sustainability practices for SMES: empirical evidence from Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
Mathew Kimweli Kimanzi
Examining financial management of local government in South Africa: a case study of a local
municipality in KwaZulu-Natal
Nonzwakazi Pamela Mbatha, Sybert Mutereko
Evaluating the process of strategic decision formulation among Small and Micro Enterprises in an
economic environmental context
Renitha Rampersad, Roger Gopaul
Decolonising language in marketing and advertising for native consumers: Prospects and challenges
Rufus O. Adebayo, Sylvia P. Zulu

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